Flatbread Pizza Night!


As part of my Snack Night Initiative , I bring to you…make-your-own flatbread pizza night simplicity! This has to be one of the easiest, most versatile recipe ideas. All you need is a pack of flatbreads and some toppings! In the colder months I make these on the pizza stone in my oven, but in the summer try throwing them on the grill!

Here are some of my favorite combinations:

  • Tomato, fresh basil, red onion & mozzarella
  • Ricotta, baby spinach leaves, garlic & red pepper flakes
  • BBQ sauce, grilled chicken, Gouda cheese, pineapple, jalapeno, red onion & cilantro
  • Marinara sauce, Italian sausage, sweet peppers, onions & mozzarella
  • Goat cheese, roasted zucchini & squash, garlic, fresh parsley & Parmesan cheese
  • Marinara sauce, roasted eggplant, sweet peppers, mozzarella & Parmesan cheeses
  • Ricotta, bacon, caramelized onions & roasted red peppers


What can you come up with?


3 thoughts on “Flatbread Pizza Night!

  1. I love these!
    A few weirdo flatbread pizzas I’ve tried (and liked):
    ~Leftover taco pizza~ Use refried beans or salsa as a base and top with leftover taco meat, spinach, cheese, cilantro, etc.
    ~Alfredo base topped with mozzarella, basil, garlic, tomato, salami, bacon, and/or chicken, etc.

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